Naked Ankles and A Day In May

When he was 17, Rob was a camp counselor. A group of his campers, all seven year old boys, made him an ankle bracelet and tied it in a huge knot to secure it. He promised not to ever take it off until it fell off. It snapped off yesterday while we were painting our bedroom; he had it for eight years. (Long than half of those camper's lives).

I had to have him stand back so I could look at his ankles without it... I've never seen them both naked before. It's like the end of an era!


That wasn't the most exciting thing that happened, though; you can read about why we changed the date of our wedding here. It's been bumped up a few months to May 5, 2007. I'm not knocked up. Or, as Holly said, "Fuck NO I'm not with child!" We're just in love! I now get to begin planning in earnest, which I'm excited about.