Here Come The Bridesmaids... And They're Cute!

The next time I say, "It would be fun to take 10 people to the city!" punch me in the face. Right in the face. Know why? Because it's NOT fun. It is insanity.

My cousins are sweet, but if they don't get their way immediately, they become miserable, especially the younger one. They held up every single line we were in being fussy about food and drinks, changing their minds and generally being the miserable little kids that whine when they don't see anything they want. It was really embarrassing. If they were MY kids, I'd tell them what they were having for lunch, or I would give them two or three choices. But... anyway. I probably shouldn't be spouting off ideas on how to raise children before I have small Blatts of my own to worry about. (Eee! Small Blatts! With inevitably large hair! How cute! I digress! But whatever! Me and Rob? Cute kids!)

I took all my bridesmaids to a showroom in Manhattan to try on dresses and get a sense of what they liked and didn't. I had narrowed it down to a certain color (a milk chocolate brown) and length of skirt (knee) and I figured I'd let them pick the style they'd like to wear (much more modern). Everyone picked out a dress that they really liked, so I think we've settled! It turns out they can custom make me a dress, too, which I'm very excited about. It'll be less expensive than going to a store and getting a gown, and it will be "one of a kind"! Now I have to figure out what to do about the two little girls; the showroom we went to doesn't do junior sizes, but we have the (probably expensive) option to order fabric and have them made ourselves.

I also discovered that Rob's mom and my grandmother got along really well, like I knew they would. They're similar types of women, so it was nice to see them bonding. We went to Bloomingdales and the three of us were in shopping heaven while my aunt pointed out (loudly) how expensive everything was. ("Yes, it's a two thousand dollar bag, but it's Marc Jacobs!") She doesn't get out much.

I ended up registering there, because I like their luggage, but really, there's nothing that I need. I've already gotten three vases. THREE. I don't want to end up registering for a bunch of shit that's going to end up being in the worlds most Bloomingdales tag sale. I want stuff I can actually use. Do you think I can register for that Marc Jacob's bag?