Flowers And Drama

There's so much drama this weekend! I can't even get into it. I hate misunderstandings. Even more than that, I hate not being able to explain myself. Thank God I'm not in a marriage like that! Anyway.

We moved the wedding, and it's ruffled a few feathers, but everyone on my side of it is thrilled. My grandmother (paternal) said she wishes it was even sooner. Me too.

I'm now merrily in up to my eyeballs in planning. I have a meeting with a florist and an appointment with David's Bridal for bridesmaid dresses (we're still deliberating), all this week. I'll be meeting with a designer in NYC next week to plan my wedding dress. (How COOL is that!? Seriously!)

Rob's mom says she loves lilacs, calla lillies and roses. Roses are ok, and I love lilacs, too, (the smell takes me back to when I was little in my Grandmother's back yard), however, a calla lilly is not getting within a mile of my wedding. According to Victorian (?) literature, calla lillies are sybolic of death. I laugh every time I see a bride clutching a bunch of them. "You're doomed!"

At least I'm not making my bridesmaids wear teal!

"Are you aware that Fran has chosen teal for her bridesmaids?
Teal, the color of gangrene.
My last bride who chose teal got her marriage annulled in 12 days."