Christmahanukkwanzaa Party

I made way too much food for my "Christmahanukkah" party. I couldn't help myself! When I start planning a party, my inner June Cleaver/Martha Stewart comes out full force, and I need to make sure everyone's well fed and happy, and everything is decorated.

I'm not going to lie; one of my biggest goals is to be considered "the Ultimate Hostess". Rob was a little bewildered though. "Hon," he said as I blissfully piled things into our grocery cart, "this is a LOT of food." (He was right, we have a ton of leftovers.) Mr. Wonderful that he is, though, he got everything I wanted, and he did most of the cooking for the party. When I got up the next morning, he was already in the kitchen washing dishes.

He's so awesome.

We set up a "photobooth" with the webcam, and people used the different imaging modifications to take goofy pictures. You can check them out on Rob's flickr account. Yeah, that's my parents at the end, and my mother, who was completely wasted, thought it was funny to lick my dad. Anyway.

Saturday was our early Hanukkah party at his parents house, so we trekked down to Long Island. I really like his family; it's full of people around our age to hang out with. We lit the menorahs (his parents have about ten) and then it was time for gifts. Everyone bought me presents! His sister-in-law picked out two Kosher cookbooks for me, and Rob gave me a Nano, upping my cool factor by about 100 points. It's engraved on the back, and I'm not telling what it says, but it made me cry right in the middle of gift opening.

We have a Christmas tree (Rob's first ever) and I put my Christmas gifts under it. Rob put his Hanukkah gifts next to it. He had to reinforce the ones for me with duct tape, because I seriously can't wait when it comes to presents. Since he started buying gifts, I've been tied down, tethered, and locked out of different rooms, all because I can't help but snoop around. I'm a horrible person.