The Temptation of Yom Kippur

I'm not sure how I feel about fasting for an entire day for religious reasons (I'm not a religious person), but I did it anyway yesterday for Yom Kippur. You're supposed to fast from sundown on the day before until sundown the next day. It is considered a mitzvah or good deed to do so, and it is to remind you to not always do what feels good, but what is right, even if it is very difficult to do so.

I was fine until around three yesterday. (I went slightly liberal and decided that drinks were ok, one because I get sick if I'm dehydrated and two because if I don't have coffee, I'm really crabby and headachey... and my mitzvah would be ruined by my bad attitude.) We had gotten back to Rob's parent's house from Temple and were babysitting his nephew (age five). Rob fell asleep working at the computer. Liam fell asleep watching cartoons. The dog fell asleep behind Robert. I was all alone.

After tucking a blanket around Liam, I wandered into the kitchen.

"There's no harm," I thought, "in just smelling the rolls." So I sniffed them. I sniffed them again. I poked one gently with my finger, and then tiptoed into the hallway. Rob was still snoring. Hm.

I tiptoed back and looked around the kitchen. First I opened the refrigerator door. Top to bottom it was stacked with platters plastic wrapped for later. I pulled out the cheese. "Mmm." I said, "Cheese." I put it back and shut the door. I slid open a cabinet. Bowls. Dammit! I clicked it shut and tried another.

"SQUEEEEEE!" it said.

"Shhhhhh!" I admonished while slamming my index finger against my lips. I hastily shut the cabinet and tiptoed back out into the hallway. Still snoring. Good. I guiltily slid back into the kitchen. I considered what was on the counter. In addition to the rolls, there was an opened package of sugar-free cookies; Mrs. Blatt's attempt to keep Mr. Blatt relatively healthy. I gingerly picked up the crinkling package. One left. I put it down and opened the snack drawer. I picked up the pretzels and started to pull off the clip. It made a wracket, so I gave up and wandered back into the computer room to wake up Rob. We ended up waiting until after sundown, and to when his parents got home so we could eat.

The conversations about that were something like this:

"Rob, the sun is so down. We can eat!"
"Yeah, no, I'm pretty sure the sun revolves around my parents getting home."
"Can't we have something?"
"No." He's a good Jewish boy.

We had made sure, though, that everything was laid out so we could sit right down, and then - of course! - we ate too much.

Edit: After dinner, in an effort to aid digestion, Mr. Blatt laid on the floor, Rob laid on the floor, Mattie laid on the floor and, after snapping this picture, I laid on the floor, too.

We all got on the floor.