Yankee Game in pics!

Saturday, September 24, Rob and I went to a Yankee game. Here it is in pictures, simply because I just got a new USB cable, and I'm excited to be uploading digital pictures again!

We got to Yankee Stadium around noon,...

...and I helpfully pointed it out to the right.

Rob thoroughly enjoyed his pre-game all-beef Kosher sausage.

Before every game, the grounds keepers fix the feild exactly the way the players want it to give the "home field advantage". These guys also lead the stadium wide YMCA at the 5th inning.

There were 53,911 people in the stadium that day, making the Yankees the third highest grossing professional sports team in history. The next day, they would break the record and be number one.

Group photo! This is Rob's brother Russel and sister-in-law Christain.

This is Freddy. He's only got one eye, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't talk. He's at all of the Yankee's home games and makes a new sign for each one to carry around. He also carries around a pot and a spoon. When he comes up to you, you have no choice... you HAVE to bang the pot with the spoon. It's a tradtion, and after HEARING him the past two times I was at the Stadium this season, I was thrilled to finally be able to snap a picture.

While I entusiastically participated, this was Rob during that 5th inning YMCA. He's just too fucking cool. I believe the direct quote was something like, "I don't do that."

The Yankees lost, but we still had a lot of fun.

Tomorrow... pictures from the Big E, including pictures of every single thing Rob and I ate. Because we're two dorks with cameras.