The Big E

So the Big E happens every year in Massachucets, and there have been very few years I've missed. I'm a very good New Englander (expcept for the whole not being a Red Sox fan thing).

Looking at the pictures, you'd think all we did was go to eat, and you'd be close to right. Case in point:

We walk in. Rob gets a corn dog. Then he got a chilli dog right after...and that was just breakfast. I got a baked potato, and then apple pie with cheese. Rob got frozen apple cider and then root beer on tap. I had fried dough and put way too much powdered sugar on it. I spent the rest of the day looking like I had a coke habit. Rob had chicken "parm", and please note the word "parm" in quotes because it was more like fake nacho cheese, and it was awesome. Ben and Jerry's represented from Vermont, and Rob had peanut butter cup ice cream. I ate some of it, but none of the cone, because I don't like cone. Then he got a quart of apple cider for the house, and a pint to drink...and managed the entire pint by the time we got home. I don't even want to tell you what it did to his stomach. I got a lobster roll. Rob took one bite of my lobster roll and turned around to get his own. They were awesome. By the time I got around to buying one, I had been thinking about it for a few hours. They were cold, which surprised me, but still good, just in a different way than I had been expecting. I got a bag of kettle corn made with maple flavor instead of ordinary sugar, and I just finished the bag yestereday. If you put the word "Maple" on anything, I'll probably buy it. I told you I was a good New Englander.

We did manage to squeeze in some other things besides eating.

Rob made a friend, and then met an ass. *Jokes edited so I don't have to sleep on the couch* I took a picture of the giant corn dog stand, because, seriously, when do you ever get to see a giant corn dog? Once a year at the Big E you do! Also worth noting: a horse with a bow on its ass, gigantic sheep testicles,
and a booth on the midway that was giving out free tickets to heaven. I tried to convince Rob to go talk to them so I could take a picture, but he wasn't in the mood to mess around with Christians. He's Jewish after all, but, Kosher or not, he still enjoyed watching the baby pigs. He sat down, though, while I browsed the Christmas shop. We saw bears, and I said, "Oh, Honey, make a bear face, it'll be a cute picture!" The people behind me laughed at me, and this was the only face I got out of him. Fair enough.

There was a unicorn cow, a gigantic bear named Jimmy,
and the world's largest pig. No, that's not the worlds largest pig sitting outside the booth, I promise.

I fed the petting zoo llamas, because everyone knows I totally dig llamas,
and, just for Pratt, I took a picture of a bunny.

We had fun!