Girl's Gone Crazy!

Guess what guess what guess what??!! I just incured my first business expense!

I needed small, spiral bound notebooks, so I went to Staples. I debated over the notebooks for a while. Should I get the larger ones that are easier to write in or the small, cute and easily portable ones? Should I buy individual ones or a multi-pack? Store brand or name brand?

For the record, I've always been this antsy over choosing office and school supplies, especially notebooks.

"Don't forget to take into account that you want everything to be as low-cost as possible" said the uptight Ms. Amber that lives in my left brain.
"Get the cute ones!" said the girly me.
They debated for a while as I stood there pondering. I guess I must have looked really confused because three different sales associates asked me if they could help.
"No," I replied. "I'm just thinking."
Little did they know that there was a full-on conversation in my head, the seriousness of which rivaled Congressional debate.

Eventually, the less sensible side won out, I'm afraid, but not without being checked by the more serious side of me. It came down to this argument: "See, this are cute and they're SENSIBLE too, and even though they're a little more expensive than those really ugly ones over there, they're still not as costly as the really flashy ones. And anyhow, it's hardly much more expensive..."

"Ok, ok, ok!" I said outloud, laughing, as I grabbed the package of sensible, cute notebooks.
"Excuse me?" said the woman next to me.
"Oh...nothing." I stammered, and I smiled. "I'm just, um, talking to myself."
"Ah, I do that." she said, nodding.

I have to stop talking to the voices in my head in public before I get commited. In the meantime, business is officially underway!