I had three friends over for dinner the other night. Because we're all, apparently, of seventh grade mentality, we played truth or dare. There is a painting in my living room that will never be the same, and my neighbors saw more of Patrick than anyone ever needs to.

Things are falling off of my car. The handle to the drivers side door came off in my hands, and I smashed off the sideview mirror on the passenger side.

I was having a rough morning at work the other day, and Jen and Randy brought their Yorkshire terriers, Pax and Ping, by the store. The puppy love cheered me up. My regular customers get me through the day.

I have a new roommate, and her stuff is in the room three feet from mine. I have yet to meet her, but I'm trying to picture her in my head. Thus far I know this: she is an actress that just came from California, she has original art work on canvas and a gorgeous hand carved trunk, her name is Hanna, and Keith (my other roommate) says she's really quiet. I wonder how long it will be before I actually meet her.

It's Independence Day, and I'm planning on seeing no fireworks, opting instead to clean my house. Happy 4th!