First of all, I'm having a hard time with some tech stuff with my blog. The acrhive only goes up to March. As you can see, I've MANUALLY changed it to go up to July, but if you click on the pages themselves (for instance, click on June 2005) you'll notice that it, again, only goes up to March. If you don't understand what the hell I just said, don't worry about it. It's computery stuff. But if anyone, anyone at all, knows what to do, I'd appreciate your help.

Second of all, HAPPY JULY! Here is my "soundtrack" for June 2005, which was not so bad a month as the ones before it had been, and better than I've been letting on. There's a couple of May tunes in there, too, actually.

  1. Lovely Rita The Beatles
  2. Grey Blue Eyes Dave Matthews
  3. Don't Stop Me Now Queen
  4. Give Peace a Chance John Lennon
  5. Vivian Nerf Herder
  6. Grace Kelly with Wings Piebald
  7. D'yer Mak'er Led Zeppelin
  8. One By One All Day The Shins
  9. Fix You Coldplay
  10. Flight Test Flaming Lips
  11. Did You Ever Look So Nice The Samples
  12. Miracle Foo Fighters
  13. Tragic Comic Extreme