The Perfect Glow

My to do list today had five things on it:

  • Clean out Car

  • Buy Stamps

  • Call the cable company and bitch at them for the bad instalation job on my internet (it was late and not what I wanted. I want my money back.)

  • Come up with a name for new business venture and secure EIN for tax purposes

  • Dance around to Elvis Costello

I only did the last two. My car is overwhelming (empty Starbucks cups abound... free drinks = lots of empty cups), I never made it to the store, and the cable company was "unable to process my request". Excuse me? I didn't even get to a "Press 1 for" menu. It rang and then the annoying automated voice told me I was S.O.L. and hung up. Rats.

My business is "The Perfect Glow", and it's fre-lance traveling makeup artistry; I'm going to center primarily on brides. I actually have my very own tax I.D. number. Now I need clients, because someone very wise said to me "Without clients, you don't have a business". I'll be working on a website in the coming weeks.

And in case you were wondering, yes, I actually put that bit about Elvis Costello on my list. I felt it was important.