My Crazy May

Happy June!

My end of the month post usually involves a soundtrack, but I didn't really do one this month. I'm starting to listen to entire albums more than individual songs. I listened to more Dave Matthews than healthy people should have to hear; it's constantly on in Starbucks. I also started really listening to Radiohead, the Flaming Lips, a bunch of other stuff I can't remember because it's 2:45 am, and I discovered that Led Zeppelin has a song called "Boogie with Stu".

May was weird. I spent most of it being "not ok", but I'm very slowly pulling myself together. (I won't elaborate on the fear of going all "emo".) Occasionally (ok, only once) I end up puking my brains out in a parking lot after several shots of Jack. Apparently, I was wailing, too. Really, that's not me. I'm not usually prone to drunkenness. Tipsy, yes. Blasted like that... it was a first, and it hurt.

I'm glad I have a job because I was really starting to worry that everyone in the world had somehow managed to find themselves gainfully employed, and I had some huge mark on me that said "Do Not Hire". It's different, the pay sucks, but it's also nice to work with young people and interact with customers. I told my mom getting a job at Starbucks was like if I was sliding down a greased tube and I stuck my hands out, managing to brace myself against slippery walls before I hit Absolute (Absolut?) Rock Bottom. I'm braced, and my next, constant question is, "Ok, now what?"

I hit my Blog-a-versary, too! That's really cool. A year goes by so fast and so slowly. I like reading back through the old posts.

Here's to a productive June.