Growing Up Mom's

In honor of Mothers' Day, here is a list of ten things I learned in twenty-three years of being my mother's daughter.

1. Hair grows back.

2. What the capitol of Canada sounds like when it's screamed at the kitchen table. As in "OTTAWA! IS THE CAPITOL! OF CANADA!"

3. The value of a Fetzer Eagle Peak Merlot.

4. Why Phil Collins, Dan Fogelberg, and Three Dog Night are so cool.

5. How to REALLY swear.

6. How to use, and not abuse, black eyeliner.

7. What it feels like to be "steamrollered".

8. That I am a bunny baby.

9. How to deal with in-laws...*snicker*

10. That "Too many cookies, Corduroy!" means you're getting chubby.