Rambling, in a Sunshine-induced Giddy Mood

Windows are open and people are playing their music; I pulled up next to someone who had his stereo blasting Dave Matthews, and I gave him the thumbs up and sang with him while we were stopped on the street, waiting for a funeral to pass. This was the highlight of my day.

I went to hang out with Beanie (my parent's dog) for a while and we sat on the back porch soaking up sunshine. Nearly everyone who drove by waved at us. I went to the coffee shop in town and a group of hippie-ish kids all waved at me when I walked past. I'm not sure why (my fly was up), but I waved back. I think they were in a good mood (or stoned... )

Yay for spring! I excitedly debuted my flip-flops last night at Open Mic. It is an excellent time to be alive, even if one lives in a basement.