The Employeed Hot Girl

So I have a new goal. I want to be a Hot Girl. Like, the cute ones that smell like little flowers and wear different shoes every day, and have sparkly jewelry and take fashion magazines seriously.

I have a Theorou approach to dressing: I distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes. I think I have, like, three pairs of pants and a few tee shirts, mostly bought from Old Navy on clearance or thrift stores. And I wear a lot of three-in-a-package men's tee shirts. A lot of my clothes are stained or with holes, or torn, and my favorite tee shirt is one I pulled out of my mom's rag bag. (I dated a guy who would see me in it and go "ugh. Can you CHANGE?") I also have one pair of shoes, and they're clogs, because I can't be bothered to tie them, or to dig around for different pairs of shoes everyday. HG's wear new clothes without holes, and match their shoes to their outfits. If anyone has any idea how to do this, let me know.

I also find it to be an enourmous effort to comb my hair everyday. I'm only half black, but I still deal with the decidedly Negro problem of "knap". HG's do NOT have knappy hair.

I hate getting manicures, because I don't like having my hands monopolized by someone I don't know. So that's out. I hate getting my hair colored, because I don't believe in hair coloring. That's out, too. I like pedicures, though. Maybe I should start with one of those. HG's have cute toes.

I DO get my eyebrows done professionally once a month. I feel like Groucho Marx if I don't. That's sort of HG-ish. Maybe I mean I should just be more feminine? I just feel like such a slobby blob. We'll see how this works out.

I got the job today. I'm working with an endodontist, who specializes in doing root canals. I'm staying with the old office, too, every other Saturday morning, and I'll always have Fridays off, which is AWESOME. This new guy seems to have a chip on his shoulder, though, and it's weird. He goes "I expect you to respect me, and I'll give you that same respect, are we clear? And always say what's on your mind, and I'll do the same."

I'm thinking that his last assistant quit on him because of lack of respect and/or communication. I didn't ask, but I could guess. He's VERY particular about where everything goes on the tray, but he seems like a nice guy overall. His receptionist, Ann, is a sweetheart, although she almost backed over me with her car today. She rolled down her window, laughed and said "Ahh! Sorry! I almost killed the new girl!" and she told me she was excited I was coming on board, which was nice. I showed her how I put my hair up in a pencil, and she thought that was clever. Oh Ann. Just you wait and see.