100 Things

1. My birthday is March 13.

2. I was born three and a half weeks late.

3. My mother still loves me though.

4. I like Bob Dylan's version of All Along the Watchtower better than Jimi Hendrix's.

5. When I'm eating ice cream cones, I eat the ice cream part until it's flat and then bite the bottom of the cone off and I'll suck the ice cream through the bottom. I like the "smack" sound it makes when you finish it.

6. I need to write sometimes, and if I don't have pen and paper to jot down a thought, I get a headache.

7. Most of my blog posts start in one of the two notebooks I always have in my purse.

8. Not this one, though. It's been a Word document for weeks now.

9. Also in my purse: a kazoo, Bubblemint Orbit gum, my wallet, an egg shaker, a fistful of pony tail holders, my cell phone that I can never find, the phone number of a guy I'll never call, four kinds of lip product, three pens, two kinds of pain killer, and a Nalgene bottle.

10. I carry a really big purse.

11. When I cry really hard, I like to lie on my back and let my tears fall into my hair. It's usually the closest thing I have to crying into someone's shoulder.

12. I appreciate traditional gender rolls, but I don't believe anyone should feel obligated to follow them.

13. I have a small and growing vocabulary of made up words that I sprinkle into conversation.

14. I get genuinely excited when I win a thumb war.

15. When people call the song "Teenage Wasteland" instead of "Baba O'Reilly", it REALLY bugs me.

16. Open mic night is as close as I get to religion. I go every Thursday, unless I'm really sick. Heck, I've gone even when I was really sick.

17. My favorite kinds of houses are ones that have "cozy clutter" and dogs living in them.

18. I'm thinking about converting to Judaism.

19. Do Mulatto Jews exist? They will now. I might be one of the first.

20. I love backgammon. My mom taught me how to play.

21. S'mores are my favorite food.

22. When I was small, I told a doctor that candy corn is my favorite vegetable.

23. Through middle school, I was homeschooled, without television, and I credit this as giving me the "if you don't like me, I don't care" attitude I like about myself now. I never saw how "everyone else" acted, so I was free to "be myself".

24. I haven't cut my hair in five years (with the exception of two minor trims).

25. My mother cut my hair really short when I was 17, (in the incident known as "the butchering of 2000") and I was so upset I got physically ill and had to come home from school early. This has made me phobic.

26. I respect people who are "brilliant".

27. One time, I saw an Oprah show on "trusting your gut", and every since then, I’ve trusted my own gut. I'm usually right.

28. I have a love/hate relationship with my boobs.

29. In highschool I wore PJ's under my long skirts. The teachers thought this was amusing.

30. Growing up I was never allergic to anything, and then I turned 21 and developed allergies to fruits with pits.

31. I've been a bridesmaid twice, and both times, the bride was named Jennifer.

32. I like sushi.

33. The first time I got drunk I was 19. I was in a bar and I did a karaoke version of I Will Survive. It brought the house down.

34. When I went to that same bar on my 21st birthday, I had been a regular for two years and the bar tender knew me by name.

35. I loathe television. When I have my own house, I probably won't have cable access.

36. I sing in the car at the top of my lungs with the windows down.

37. I really love music.

38. My favorite musical group of all time is, of course, the Beatles.

39. One day I'd like to have a golden retriever named Molly and a bulldog named Sgt. Pepper.

40. I get my eyebrows professionally "done" once a month.

41. No one is allowed to wax them except Pat.

42. I don't like shopping for clothes, shoes or formal wear. I like shopping for music.

43. Holding a grudge is nearly impossible for me.

44. I get extremely irritated when people look over my shoulder at what I'm doing on my computer, like Byron is right now.

45. Byron is my roommate. I live in his laundry room.

46. My hair is really curly, and people often ask me if it's real. It is.

47. Guys hit on me a lot.

48. I think it's the boobs.

49. I can quote Shakespeare, Albert Camus and the Princess Bride.

50. My favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor is Phish Food.

51. I cried when Mr. Rodgers died.

52. I have a strong-held belief that people bond well over shots.

53. Also, sharing the same plate of food is powerful bonding.

54. My grandfather requested Willie Nelson's On the Road Again to be played at his funeral. My parents snickered all the way through it, and that's the moment I realized my family is really fucking dysfunctional.

55. Further dysfunction: We sing a version of Happy Birthday called Bad Happy Birthday. You either pick one note and sing the entire song on that note, or you pick random notes and sing them. It's hilarious.

56. I do not function without coffee.

57. I'm a Democrat and a Yankees fan; on these two facts alone, the end of 2004 sucked for me.

58. Vomit is no problem, but boogers make me hurl.

59. I don't eat red meat.

60. I lost my virginity at age 19 in the front seat of my Buick.

61. I love diners at 2 am.

62. The love of my life was Theo, our Tibetan terrier growing up. The last two years of his life, he only had three legs.

63. When I'm hanging out with my guy friends, I join them in checking out women.

64. My mother spent two weeks when I was 18 thinking I was a lesbian.

65. She'll be mad for my saying as much, but I think you should never do anything to a writer you don't want written about. David Sedaris says so.

66. I don't drink fruity girl drinks; I drink beer.

67. Whoever invented hoodies should be honored with some sort of really awesome award. I own several.

68. I love holding babies.

69. My mom got me a digital camera for Christmas '04, and this has proved to be one of the best gifts I've ever received.

70. Also one of the best: Jen knitted me a red scarf two years ago, and I love it.

71. I talk to strangers.

72. I swear at rude drivers, but I don't flip them off.

73. However, I hate swearing in public, and I'm not shy about telling people to cool it if there are children around.

74. I hate pop culture. People will be talking about how extremely famous person is dating an extremely famous other person, and I'll be clueless.

75. One day, I will have a bachelors degree.

76. I want to earn one before my children are old enough to know that I don't have one.

77. My children are, for the record and to my knowledge, unconceived, so I have time.

78. I say "to my knowledge", because they might very well be babies right now, waiting for me to adopt them in a few years.

79. My ultimate life goal is to be a mother, and if I can't conceive, I'll adopt.

80. I might adopt anyway.

81. I spent time working with orphans in Romania, and I loved them.

82. It has been my experience that 90% (if not more) of people in the world would like someone to say "Hello" to them.

83. I encourage you to try it. Find someone who looks like they could use a friendly "Hello!" and give it to them.

84. I write letters with pencil and paper.

85. More than half of my "going to the movies" thrill is getting popcorn.

86. I like art museums.

87. People who are passionate about things excite me.

88. I have my boyfriend's music on my iPod.

89. Every time I see a homeless person on the street muttering to themselves, I wonder if they really have all the answers.

90. I dance. In the grocery store, at red lights, cleaning the house, waiting in lines... anytime is a good time to "shake it" as far as I'm concerned.

91. I used to say organized religion scares me, but it was really just organized Christianity.

92. I consider hurt birds a tragedy.

93. Most of the concerts I've been to have been alone, and I don't tell anyone where I'm going, nor do I discuss them afterwards.

94. If I go to a concert with someone, I invariably ditch them, if only briefly. I like being alone at musical events.

95. I've never gotten a speeding ticket.

96. I did, however, get a parking ticket on June 19, 2003 that I never paid. The City of Bridgeport can bite me.

97. I people watch.

98. I once painted a picture of a girl in a blue blanket, and it was about two years later that I realized it was Emily. It was really symbolic and personal, but it was in that moment that my relationship with her changed forever (for the better).

99. This list was inspired by Pratt's 100 things (the original version). I was happy to finally do it, and then he goes and one-ups me with another 100!

100. You now know more about me than you should.