Top 10 reasons Living with Byron and Butch ain't so Bad

Ok, so I've complained enough. Sure the basement is cold and the kitchen is dirty, but there are upsides to living with these guys. Here are the top ten reasons living with Byron and Butch ain't so bad:

10. My feminine wiles have an outlet. I just bat my eyelashes and viola! the sink upstairs is fixed! Heavy things are lifted! Scary bugs are gotten rid of!

9. The washer and the dryer are RIGHT THERE. No more trekking down the hall and across the living room to wash clothes. I sleep three feet away from the washer and dryer! Sure it's dusty, but you can't beat the convenience. (I’m totally kidding. Living in a basement still is, and will continue to be, living in a basement.)

8. Drug education. I now know how to smoke a bowl, roll a “j” and what makes certain pot better than other pot. I certainly didn't know all this when I lived with my Grandmother. I haven't smoked anything (my disclaimer!), but I know how. Is this an upside? Actually, probably not.

7. Parties rock until 4! I really should blog about the party we had Saturday, but I'll get way too many people in trouble. Suffice it to say we partied like rock stars, saw a whole new "side" to Patrick (!), and did tequila shots "hair of the dog style" to feel better Sunday morning.

6. I'm meeting new and interesting people. At Saturday's party, there were Chris and Ben, Butch’s friends, who are in a metal band. Ben is actually jail bound on the 31st of this month. Convicted rock stars at my birthday party! Something I never thought I'd get to say when I was homeschooling.

5. I have a pet cat! Zaphod Beeblebrox (named after the two-headed ruler of the universe in "A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy") is a pretty cool kitty. He has a habit of picking up food out of his bowl and dropping it on the kitchen floor, which pisses the hell out of me, though. Come to think of it, Byron does this, too...

4. Entire living room to take um... decorate. When I got here, this place was a mess. Now it looks like humans live in the living room, and it’s safe to eat in the kitchen. (Thanks, Jen! I couldn’t have done it without you!) I thought it would be a pain, but my ovaries are really getting a kick out of this “home d├ęcor” stuff.

3. Access to my friend nearly 24/7. There's always someone to talk to. Granted, last night we stayed up until 2 (in the beautifully decorated living room) and this was a bad idea as we both had to get up in the morning. But it's been pretty cool.

2. I don't have to fix things myself. If I need something done, there are boys who can do it!

And the number one reason living with Byron and Butch ain't so bad:

I live with a guy named Butch. If the bathroom smells, I can say he did it, and everyone will believe me!