My Stint as a Sex Therapist

A friend (who shall remain nameless unless he wants to fess up!) and I were talking about techniques in kissing.

“"What I need"” he said “"is someone to be completely honest with me about my technique. How will I know I suck at kissing if no one ever tells me?”"

“"I’ll tell you!"” I said. “"I’ll do it for five bucks."”

We shook on it, he produced a five-dollar bill and, after a ton of giggling and “"oh my god this is so funny!"” I kissed him (and for the record, his technique was not to terrible, except for that TONGUE thing I made him stop doing!)

I deliberated on whether or not this was prostitution and reached the conclusion that no, it’s not. I was a (temporary) sex therapist. And no, this doesn’t extend past kissing. And no, I’m not for hire. But based on the fact that I made $5 in three minutes, I command a hundred dollars an hour, so…