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I read The Amateur Gourmet's blog, and Friday he posted a recipe for chocolate chip muffins. I've never made them, so I thought I'd give it a go. The batter is sort of bland, but I had more chips on hand than the recipe called for that I threw in there, so they're actually semi-sweet morsels stuck together by tiny bits of fluffy muffin. I was glad to find a recipe that uses chocolate chips, because a while ago I bought a huge bag of them to make cookies with. I put them, still sealed, in the cabinet, thinking they'd be safe. When I lived with my family, they wouldn't have been; I have a little brother. It never occurred to me, though, to worry about Grandma breaking into them. After all, she's a sensible, responsible old lady, and knows that you aren't supposed to eat chocolate chips meant for baking, because then it throws the entire recipe off and you either don't have enough when you go to use them, or you do, but you don't have enough for a second batch of whatever you're making and wind up with way too many extra chips. And she knows that you don't eat chocolate chips that were bought by someone else, because they probably had plans for said chips and you might ruin those plans by eating them. Right???

Yeah, well. She got into them, and when I say she ate some, I don't mean she took a few chips, or even a handful, I mean the woman ate half the bag...IN THE SPAN OF A WEEK. That's half a pound of chocolate.

So I had extra chips after the muffins were done, and I threw them in the batter. Then I sprinkled some on top, and then I ate some and then I tried to get Patrick to eat some, but he didn't want any. (Grandma has since moved on from her chocolate pilfering ways and has gone on some sort of health kick, but that's a story for tomorrow.)

So if you come to my house in the next few days, I've got choclatey muffins and a small quantity of chocolate chips… yours for the taking!