NYC by Numbers

Number of

interviews in Manhattan today: 2

the floor the first one was on: 17

panic attacks I had in the elevator: 1 (going up didn't bother me. Coming down, I thought I was going to die.)

people I saw with iPod headphones stuffed in their ears: 14 (including me. I felt cool.)

hours I killed in a diner between interviews # 1 and # 2: 2.5

cups of coffee drank in said diner: 8

times I got lost on the subway: NONE, thank you very much! And there were transfers, too!

snooty dogs I saw in sweaters uptown: 8 hel-lo! they have fur.

times I said "ugh! I fucking love this city!": dozens

drinks I had with Jimmy after both interviews were done: 2 (beer and a celebratory shot of Jameson)

positions offered to me immediately: one! (the first interview went really well, the second, they wanted to hire me then)

people I know who are happier than I am right now: none.