Google First

Had I Googled before interviewing, I would have found out that Dr. Shaperio is not just any dentist. He is a world renowned dentist that has clients that fly into New York just to see him. He's worked on the guy who played Brandon on 90210 (which of course didn't mean anything to me, but I guess that's a big deal). He's also Roger Clemens dentist, which meant a HELL of a lot to me. Look at this smile! That's Dr. Shaperio's work! And I interviewed with his office manager!!!

He offers: full medical benefits, a SALARIED position (this is practically unheard of in a dental assistant position), monthly bonuses, 401k... plus he's one of the most prestigious dentists in America. I would have been a LOT more nervous had I known. The building is beautiful, it's close to Greenpoint, where I want to live and, best part, there's a Borders across the street.