I have now heard every single corny joke there is to make to someone who is turning 50.

Dad's party was last night, and my parents house had more people in it than I've ever seen in my life. It was squished, but a lot of fun. Snide in-law comments were minimal, dad liked all his presents (lots of corny joke presents, including a bottle of Geritol), and when most of the people left, we played poker with the "Casino style" poker chips Gus and I got for him (much better than dumping out all Dad's spare change).

I wish there was some potato salad, though. Or some macaroni salad, or some coleslaw slaw. That would have made the party. Just kidding, mom.

When people were leaving, I opened the refridgerator and discovered three large party size containers of cold salads... they had totally forgotten to put them out. So, if anyone has a serious craving for coleslaw, Mom and Dad have a ton of it in their fridge. I'm sure you're more than welcome.