Amber Goes Violent

Generally, I'm really mellow person, like super, freakishly mellow, so, I surprised myself when I slugged Tom Friday night.

We were having what was going the way of one of our typical spats. They're just about formula by now: they end in yelling, and then we get over it in a day or two, no big deal, and life moves on. He, however went to stalk out of my house and said something over his shoulder so nasty, I wasn't sure if I had even heard him correctly. I jumped up, flew after him and got in his face, catching up with him in my driveway. I have a pulse of 160 at this point, and I'm literally seeing red. I asked him to repeat it, and he did; looking back it was dark and I (thankfully) didn't see the expression on his face, but I'm sure it was evil. So I hit him. Not in the face, but I would have if he wasn't wearing glasses. I don't actually remember where I hit him (I think the shoulder), but it was as hard as I could, which, thanks to Rob teaching me how to throw a proper punch, was harder than it would have been. I didn't even wait for him to react (except I yelled a two word phrase at him... you don't have to think that hard to figure out what), I just spun around and went in. I haven't heard from him since then, but whatever.

It's weird, normally I have more passive/aggressive ways of dealing with people like dumping malt liquor in the backseats of their well-maintained car, or keying their mini-vans, or stealing their favorite tee shirts and leaving them in the woods, or purposely using up all the hot water so they don't have a hot shower. However, you heard it here first, I am not afraid to punch you out.