Christmas Recap

So can I use the excuse "it's Christmas" as to why I haven't been blogging? Probably not. I've just "waxed introspective" and didn't feel like writing.

Christmas was awesome. Christmas Eve my dad and I went to get the traditional Christmas Eve feast: pizza. While we were waiting, we sat at the bar, and I got hosed. It wasn't really on purpose. I only had one beer, but I hadn't eaten anything... relatives are a LOT more interesting when you're slightly buzzed.

My little cousins were there. You have to picture them; two really skinny, nerdy looking sweethearts with huge glasses. They're both sort of awkward at age 8 and age 10, and the entire family is a little weird. We sang Christmas songs off key for a while, which I am establishing here and now as a new tradition. Maybe not the off key part. The girls are wonderful, though, and I love them. Even if they can't carry a tune. Even if they can't SORT OF carry a tune. I'm terrified they're going to be the kids everyone makes fun of in high school.

And... I got a digital camera. Woo hoo!

Christmas Day I went to my dad's parents house, which always manages to put me on edge. It wasn't too bad, though, right mom? Next year, there will be a baby in the family on Christmas, which makes me happier than happy. Cousin Joe and his wife are expecting. They made all the machismo Santos men happy by annoucing the "good" news that it's going to be a boy. (Luca Brasi would be proud.) When I asked, they said they aren't sure on names, but I think it's inevitable: Joe #4 is on the way.

Stay tuned for a recap on mom's brand-new "Phycho-Santa" method of passing out presents.