Someone's "Busting" Out!

I'm not allowed to say who, so I'll say "someone" came home yesterday clutching a Victoria Secret bag, contents: one very sexy, almost impractical push-up bra in black lace. "For the holidays, you know, with a sexy black top" she explained, grinning as her hands gestured to a neckline that would plunge far below where her septuagenarian morality would usually allow. "It was forty-seven dollars!" she added practically whispering, and her eyes were shining at the thought of purchasing such a scandalous, naughty and expensive item. This is the woman that will buy the cheaper coffee she doesn't like as much because it's $.29 cheaper, refuses to use a full bath towel to dry off with, and eats left over left over leftovers. The woman who, until yesterday, only buys practical underwear, in beige or white, on sale, in the department store and NEVER with "cleavage enhancer".

I'm so proud!