Let's Twist Again

I went with Damian to his cousin's wedding, and, being the dancing fools we are, we danced all night, showing off our "excellent" dance moves (the truth: when I dance my black side goes missing with all of it's rhythm, and my white side comes out full-force, overbite included). We temporarily declared ourselves married to one another through the bouquet tossing/garter retrieving fiasco (no strange man is getting his hands near my thigh, and the last time I went for a bouquet at Jen's wedding, I almost broke my nose). It was in PA, so we got to mini road trip, and I LOVE mini road trips! The other awesome parts of the trip were: Jordan almonds at the reception, Uncle Bob offering to smoke a joint with us, minimal traffic, drunken Italians, doing the twist, drunken Italians doing the twist and, of course, hanging out with Damian all weekend. Also, I looked soooooo pretty, if I do say so myself, which made me happy. Is it un-PC of me to think I'm gorgeous? Whatever!