Trendy Schlumpfine

I am a trendy schlumpfine.

I hung out with Jen last night, which was entirely excellent. We ordered the exact same thing from Ruby Tuesdays that we've always gotten: Chicken Fingers with extra sauces, diet cokes with lemon. Then went to Old Navy and got coffee from Starbucks. So basically we did the same things we've been doing together for the past five years or so. I hadn't seen her for two weeks (which is entirely unacceptable!). It's so fun to be with her because we tend to think the same random thoughts, and find the same stupid things amusing; case in point: if you say "Trendy Schlumpfine", you'll have us in hysterics. While we were at the mall, she bought the Goo Goo Dolls CD we used to listen to ("Dizzy up the Girl") and we sang to it while driving around with the volume up loud and our arms out the window... really, some things never change. All we needed is some Lisa Loeb to completely revert back to being 17.