Dear You

Dear You,
Yes you. The person reading. You're welcome to post comments if you'd like to. That's anyone who happens to be reading this: Mom's friends who got sucked into reading this blog because my mom wouldn't shut up about it (sorry, guys!), chiropractors of mine (Hi Brad... see, I mentioned you!)*, ex boyfriends, ex whatevers, current crushes, friends of mine who are pissed at me for writing something about them, Al (my pool buddy!) and random people who "wandered" onto my blog via cyberspace. Everyone; I appreciate the input. (Plus my blog emails me every time I get a comment, and I get so excited when I have email).

To comment, click on the bottom of each post where it shows the number of comments already left by the folks who commented before you, scroll to the bottom and write away. It doesn't have to be anything big or horribly witty... just be honest, don't mention certain things (you all know exactly what I'm talking about) and try not to use the "f" word. Add a signature, or let me know who you are when you're posting. I can delete at my discretion, but generally I won't.

* Dr. Bradley Weinstein is an awesome chiropractor, and I couldn't live without him. If you're having any pain in your bod, or you'd simply like to "function at a higher level", give the Stepney Chiropractic Center a call! 203-452-8383. He's in Monroe.