the Guinea pig secret

Can life suck more than this? Probably. But I can't think of how.

After Friday's "incident" (which I refuse to dignify with any more words than "incident"), I got to work today to find out that they are only going to be able to keep me on as a part-time employee. They said they liked me, but they don't have the hours for me that they thought they would; the dentist I'm working with mainly is leaving. So... I'm going to be full time there for the next month, and then my hours will be cut, so I'm starting to look for a new job. It sucks because I really liked this office. Everyone is super friendly, and I like the way everyone works together. I kind of "slid right in", and everyone there appreciated how well I can work with them. So goes life.

I'm getting a guinea pig. The pet store isn't going to have any more in until tomorrow, so I'm going to go back when the guy calls me. I need something to nurture. Grandma is going to flip, so I'll tell her AFTER I get it home and settled in. I can't imagine anyone being so heartless as to make me take back a pet when it's already home! (Ok, I'm a brat).