Lost, officially

Well, i haven't been posting, mostly because I realized that there are entire sections of my life that I dont' want to discuss on the web. However, I should be writing (being that writing is my frist love) and I'm unemployed at the moment (SUCKS!) so i have plenty of time on my hands. I don't know where to start. I'm currently dehydrated. But that isn't interesting. I'm looking for a job very earnestly. I'm worried. What if I don't find one? EVERYONE (and their brother) is telling me I'll find one soon enough, but I dunno. I hope so. I really am a good dental assistant! I might go back to school. Not sure yet. There was a place that was supposed to call me on Friday, and they didn't, so I'll call tomorrow. It's been a long, weird week, and I feel a little lost. Going into a second week like this feels daunting. I want to be protected :(