Weekend Wrap Up

Wew! What a weekend!

We started off at Jen's house for a "Crepes and Cupcakes" party for Stu! on Friday. Saturday, we visited the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market, and later attended Rooftop Films on the Gowanus Canal. It was a series of short films, some of which I enjoyed, one that was fairly offensive, and one that was so boring I reached over, tucked my fingers into Rob's hand, and "declared a thumb war", which we tried not to giggle through.

Sunday we hit Brownstoner's Brooklyn Flea Market on our way home from our first trip to IKEA. In the weeks since it started back in April, we've been several times. It's evolved into an actual flea market. When it began, there were a lot of vendors who were selling new things, and it seemed more like a craft fair. Sunday, there was lots of vintage clothing, bicycles, a booth dedicated to artifacts from Mad Men which was cool, because I recognized some of the props from the show and plenty of bakelite. There was a vintage red suitcase I wanted, but we didn't have cash and the ATM was broken, so I'm chalking it up to another purchase for another day. Monday we went to IKEA for a second time after picking up another dresser from Craigslist, and then I spent the day getting shower curtains up while Rob finished the backyard. It's finally clear of most of the broken glass, and the dogs are happy.

I need a weekend from the weekend!