The Amber Show

Currently attempting to go back into PR. I've been sitting at my computer kind of drooling into it as opposed to actually working. It's difficult to get my gears going again. I think once I find a "groove" it will be ok.

Also, I have to talk about something kind of "geeky". Ever since the now out-of-blogging "Rockstar Mommy" posted her lament about having "such a stupid blogging name", but being stuck with it, I've been thinking about my own. At the time I was blogging under my first and last name, and quickly realized that I do NOT want to do that, for a handful of reasons. So I started calling my blog "The Amber Show", which is narcissistic of course, but then, so is blogging itself. When I started blogging, and even when I changed my blogging name, the only "online presence" I had was this blog. Then I got a Flickr account for photography and named that "the amber show", and then Rob got me into Twitter, and so on and so on. In the meantime, I started (and never stuck with) not one, but TWO different makeup companies, both with their own URLs.

In the middle of all this, I thought about how easy it would be to have one consistent name all over the internet, and apparently other people have thought so, too. This concept is called "personal branding", a name that lots of people hear and instantly clench their sphincters over. It's kind of accurate, though. I'm not selling something, but I do have a message that I'd like to share. Yes, it's self-centered and yes there are a lot of retarded people yammering on the internet, and yes, I'm aware that I very well could be counted among them. But the internet is a really, really big place, and I can have whatever piece of it I want, no apology necessary. And I want a piece. I have a message. It's not a super-important one, but if I'm going to say anything worth my putting in print, I want it to as far-flung as I can get it. I don't want it to be watered down because I'm blogging as one thing, my name is another, and my twitter account doesn't match either of those things.

I would stick wtih "The Amber Show" (as stupid as it is) if theambershow dot com wasn't taken. But it is, and that's ok; I think it's time to get a real name anyway.

I'm just trying to think of one.