Take Another PIcture

I'm kind of in a photographic slump, as my barren flickr account will show you. Normally I take photos as frequently as most people eat, but now, with the move and my favorite lens in the shop, I'm feeling uninspired.

Still, I went to the beach today, camera in tow. Today is 8.8.08 and flickr is asking members to post a photo from today to the specially created "Flickr 888" group. People from all over the world are posting photos of their 8.8.08. I managed to snap a rainbow over Long Island Sound, my contribution. It was really gorgeous.

The weather these past few days has been crazy. It's been rainy, then sunny, then rainy again, all in a matter of minutes. The dogs have been nervous with all the thunder, and every time there was a clap, they would run to me. I got tired of always having to drop what I was doing, so I finally lay down on the floor with them. Matty curled up on one side of me, Leeloo took the other and Tino, tiny as he is, settled on my torso with his nose under my chin. It was the only way they would be calm. We lay like that for about two hours, listening to the rain and the thunder, curled into each other.


For your listening pleasure, here is one of my favorite bands, Bishop Allen, doing one of my favorite songs by them. It's a reminder for me, to be sure, and the video is downright charming.

Happy Weekend.