When Dad's Away, the Dogs Go Batshit Crazy

Foolishly, I left a dog's chewing bone in the yard. I'm guessing that Tino found it at the same time Matty did, resulting in a dog fight I could only break up by hitting Matty in the head with a rubber flip-flop. Tino was screaming. He's not bloody, but he is pretty roughed up and covered in saliva. He actually peed himself in fear (the evidence of which is all over the sidewalk in front of our house). I'd be scared, too.

I have everyone separated and chastised (poor Leeloo with no one to play with!) and Tino is wrapped around my feet, still shaking and making funny little hiccup noises. Matty apologized, and is laying, suitably humbled, in the living room. He's not a bad dog, just naughty.

It's going to be a long weekend without Dad around.