So, I cut my own hair. I wanted to look different, and I didn't want to go to the hairdressers where they would charge me $100+ and not quite do what I wanted ("Your face is a little... er... full to go too short.") So I did it myself.

At first I just hacked a little off the bottom, and I was scared out of my mind because I cut off what looked like a LOT of hair. I still didn't like it that much, though, so I cut a little more off the bottom. This left longer hair at the top and shorter hair at the bottom, which is fine if your hair is straight, but on my really curly hair, the shorter bottom hair sprung outward while the longer top hair sat close to my head on top and draped over the shorter, outward springing curls on the bottom.

The whole thing made it looked like I was wearing a hairy pyramid.

I was scared to go for a third try, because in the first two cuts together I had cut off a significant amount of hair, but I did, cutting that longer top hair, and making everything a uniform length around my head.

In the wind I look like a dandelion.