Day 5: The No Gulten, Alcohol, Sugar, Animal Product Cleanse

And Amber did cleanse for four days, and for four days she cleansed, and on the fifth day she did take account of her hollow belly and did say, "Fuck this". And it was good.

I told Rob yesterday that it was my last day of cleansing, and his reply was, "You only went four days!" I usually keep my relationship annoyances private, but I was pretty pissed off. ONLY four days? How about, "I went for FOUR WHOLE DAYS" with an extremely modified diet, and I'm really proud of myself. I learned a lot about things that work for my body and things that don't, and I've gained a new appreciation for vegetables.

I'm not going to go back to the "anything goes" way of eating that I had been doing before though. My new diet, at least for the time being, will look like this:

No refined sugar.
I am completely amazed that I didn't really crave sweets, because I tend to eat sweets any time they're available on the grounds that "life is too short" not to. Now I feel like life is too short to eat something that is obviously so horrible for my body more than very rarely, and I also feel like life is too short to cut out anything with sugar all together. So, I will make an exception to this rule when I ought to: in exceptional cases.

No alcohol.

Another rule I'll break occasionally. We really like beer around here.

Minimal gluten.
I had blueberry pancakes for breakfast (from scratch, so only wholesome ingredients were included). Now I don't feel so great, and I only ate two! I have zero plans to cut it out entirely, but I think limiting it is the best thing for me.

More fruits and veggies!
It's been exciting trying new vegetables, and I'm so thrilled to have new recipes under my belt.

Animal products: Dairy, yes. Eggs, yes. Meat, no.
I think I'm done with meat. I'm just... done. It's not a "thing", and maybe I'll change my mind about it later, and I'm cool with that. But for now, I'm a vegetarian.

This has been an excellent experience, and I thank all the friends who gave me awesome tips and good recipes and helped me cook them. I couldn't' have done it without you all.