Poop and Shreds

Having a dog comes with its on lingo, and one of the words you learn if you have a dog, and a yard, is the word "de-pooping". Like "weeding" or "mowing", de-pooping is part of regular lawn care, and when you have THREE dogs, it's a full-time job to keep the yard safe for bare feet.

I threw a barbeque on Thursday for some of my highschool friends, and I asked Rob if he would kindly de-poop before people showed up. I got him a cardboard box to put the poop in; it was half-filled with shredded bank statements, and i thought the poop would lend a nice level of security to our financials, you know, on the off-chance some thief wanted to dig through our garbage and put the bits of paper together to access our accounts... he'd have to deal with the smelly bowl movements of three dogs and that layer of defecation might be just the thing to keep him moving on to some other poor soul with better smelling garbage.

Ok, not really, it was just the closest thing available. But that's not a bad idea, right?

Anyway, Rob put all the poop he could find in the box, on top of the shreds and a few other bits of garbage, and then left it in the corner of the yard. I didn't think it was a huge deal that it was out during the party; it was far away from the festivities, and I couldn't smell it. The problem was, he left it there on Friday, and then all through the weekend. And it rained a lot this weekend, too.

I went to move it today while I was doing some other yard clean up. The water-soaked cardboard bottom gave way after three steps toward the garbage, and now there's a paper/poo-poo heap in the middle of the lawn.

I left it there. Hey, it's not MY fault! Maybe if he's lucky, I'll help him clean it up when he gets home.