Cleansing Countdown

Monday I plan on starting Oprah's 21-day cleanse. I'm giving myself six days to prepare for no gluten, caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol or animal products.

I'm expecting giving up caffeine to be the hardest physically (NO MORNING COFFEE!) and gluten to be the hardest on an intellectual level. It was only last year that I had heard the word "gluten", and I'm still not entirely sure what it is or where, exactly, it lurks. Animal products will be difficult to give up on a convenience level. It's relatively easy to eschew eating meat, but there are eggs and milk in so many things that you wouldn't expect to find them in, and I often eat these things unknowingly. I will probably crave refined sugar, but I don't have TOO much of a sweet-tooth, so I'm not concerned about that, and I'm not much of a drinker, so alcohol won't be missed.

I'm currently searching for hearty, diet-approved meals to make for lunch, because I'll get really hungry otherwise. Anyone have any ideas? I'm hoping G. will teach me how to make asparagus, because when she makes it, it's AMAZING.