Art In My House

I thought that, since we are moving, the easiest thing to get a jump on packing would be to take down and pack all the art work laying around the house. But there are so many gorgeous prints being put out recently that I've been BUYING art instead of putting it away! This is ok, though. Having pretty things on the walls makes me happier than being an efficient packer.

For posterity, or the curious now (whichever!), this is the list of things hanging in my house that you can buy, too.

Three Foxy&Winston prints.

I have Whale, Hedgehog, and Giraffe.

The prices on the website seem higher than what I paid when I bought them at the Brooklyn Flea Market in April. I'm pretty sure we didn't drop $40 a print. Maybe she gave us a discount because we bought three... or because I'm cute :)

I also have this Giclee print by Singapore artist Lily Pang.

I really love her dreamy images. If I ever have to decorate a little girl's room, her prints are going to be a huge inspiration. The coolest part about ordering from her was when it came with the Singapore stamps. I used to be a stamp collector when I was younger - Shut UP! - and I got really excited when this package came.

I have this print by Wayne Pate, as does every other blogger in the world.

It was meant to go in my breakfast nook, but I put it in my barren master bedroom instead. I like it there better.

I have this print coming. I posted before about how Threadless is doing prints now, and the picture I used happened to be my favorite. I wasn't initially planning on it, but I bought it.

I'm not sure where it will go yet.

In addition, I thought it would be really neat to have some of my photos in the kitchen. I have a handful I really like that would add a lot of color to the house, so I printed them. The thing is, they're all formatted at 8x12", not 8x10". Finding that size frame is IMPOSSIBLE so I bought these frames from IKEA for $3 each and figured I'd just have custom mats made so they fit. Do you know how expensive custom mats are? The best price I got was $15. For a piece of cut posterboard. That price would be fine for ONE photo, but I have 10, and I'm not about to drop $150 to frame my stupid pictures. I might end up cutting my own, which I'm not excited about. If anyone knows of reasonably priced custom mats, lemme know!