omg! Dooce!

how do you meet someone who inspires you so much, and tell them that, and not sound like an ass? you can play it cool, but then you loose out on an opportunity to say thank you. and I really am thankful. you could always just say, "hey, love the blog", and I tried to do that, but when I got to the front of the line, book in hand for her to sign, the only thing I managed was an "ohmigawd you're so cool!" and then I burst into tears. awesome, right? heather was gracious, and in the verge of tears herself; the bar that was supposed to be hosting her book signing kicked her out. WHO PUTS DOOCE ON THE STREET?!

"I think I got my snot on your book." she said, and I shrugged. who cares?! I got to shake her hand!

so there you have it. I don't care about Hollywood actors or rockstars. I get giddy over mommy-bloggers. I'm ok with this.
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