Look What I Found: Crumpler Bags

After having a lens break, (thank God for Amex and customer protection!) I decided it was time to stop shoving my Canon into my purse and get a real camera bag. I didn't want to because I already carry around a mondo-sized purse every day and didn't want to add to my weight, especially if I was planning on stomping around the city all day. So un-chic.

I checked out a bunch of blogs and shopping recommendation sites (ThisNext is a big favorite of mine) and came up with this bag by Crumpler USA (just a warning: the website is loud and obnoxious when it opens).

They range in size from the "one million dollar home" to the "seven million dollar home". I determined the "five million" was perfectly suited to my current needs.

So far so good, although I haven't taken it on any excursions. I packed it though, and everything fits. I could have stood a little more room, but I didn't want to go too much bigger, again because I'm already lugging the mondo-sized purse.

Mine is red.