Chocolate & NPR

Last night I was in Manhattan where I met up with Stu! who looked super fucking adorable in her business suit, having come from an interview, and Carissa, who looks super fucking adorable all the time anyway. We had dinner, Stu! took off, and me, being hormonal, wanted chocolate.

"Max Brenner is probably good for dessertyness", said Carissa, and oh. my. God. She wasn't kidding.

It's a RESTAURANT that serves CHOCOLATE. (They serve food, too, but who cares?) Carissa and I split the chocolate fondue, which was heavenly, although they didn't give us nearly enough stuff (fruit, marshmallows and some pound cake) to dip into the dark chocolate, milk chocolate and toffee caramel dipping pots; we had leftovers. Rob got a milkshake. When he was done, and we were done, with all this lovely melted chocolate sitting in front of us uneaten, I started to eyeball his straw, then the fondue leftovers, and then his straw again. Before I could embarrass myself, a waiter came and took it all away. It was for the best.


Rob and I headed across the street to see This American Life's two-hour preview/live audience show. It was live in NYU, and then beamed into theaters at the same time across the country, and we were in one of the theaters watching the same thing that other people were watching, at the same moment in other theaters. It was really cool, and I'm excited for the second season, which starts May 4. I listen to This American Life every week via podcast, and I think you should, too.


We're closer to homeownership in Brooklyn.


Everything I just wrote sounded penned by a deranged person. I'm really sick.