Weekend Wrapup

Rob was in a cab checking his phone, on his way to a bar in Brooklyn. The cab stopped short and Rob face-planted into the Plexiglas barrier. His nose might be broken, and he looks like he got into a fight.

We've not been having the best of luck with weekends lately.

He didn't let him stop him from partying, though, and we got home at 2am.


I got a drink recommendation from Kevin of Tiki Bar TV (see it here), who is super awesome.


Jen made brunch for me and Rob, and now I really want a waffle maker.


I bought tons of clothes, which I needed, mostly excellent bargains. I also bought this skirt in black from American Apparel, which was not so much of a bargain, but will be as I plan to live it in all summer.


Stu! took the subway by herself for the first time. No worries, she made it from Grand Central Terminal to Union Square in one piece.

"She sounds a little panicky" said Carissa after listening to her voice message.

I shrugged. "Sink or swim, Stu!."