Tea Party?

My grandmother's mother-in-law had an amazing set of fancy china, and few years ago gram and I split the set; she and I each took half of everything.

Now, though, she's in clean-out mode and was planning on selling her half using an eBay seller (you know, where you walk into a store front and they put it on eBay for you and keep 25% of what they make?)

"Two things!" I said, "One, I'll put anything you want on eBay and let you keep the money and two, I want those dishes!"

Since she was expecting to get paid for them, I offered her a check, and we agreed on $50. I think I got a great deal, and she probably got more than what she would have made had she sold them slowly over eBay and in dribs and drabs. Unfortunatly they're going right to storage with my half, and won't be out until I move.

Well, maybe one tea party with them first.