Brooklyn Flea Market

This Sunday was the first Sunday of the Brooklyn Flea Market put on by the cool folks at Brownstoner. I figured I'd start my "becoming a Brooklynite" process by participating in the local scene. It's so cool to be house hunting in an area that takes pride in being a community, especially one packed with artists and eco-conscious consumers. (I kind of mostly sound like a total douche for saying that, and I realize this, and it pains me.)

I scored three cute animal prints from Foxy & Winston, and really, really, really want a John Murphy piece for my breakfast nook. He sold out most of his stock by the time I got there and was apologetic, but I'm not surprised. His work is phenomenal.

I'm sure I'll be back before it's over to drool over bakelite beads and furniture made from reclaimed wood.