Too Sick For a Fun Posh Hotel is SIIIIICK!

UPDATE: I came. It takes a whole hell of a lot to get me to sleep away from my husband. Migraine or no. The room is really fun; it's decked out retro-style. The dogs were immediately greeted with treats, and it was just as exciting and not nearly as difficult as I imagined walking them on the streets. We drove by Central Park and one of the horses (for the horse-drawn buggies) put his head near the window. I rolled it down, and holly heck! Matty just about flipped his lid. I don't think he's ever seen a horse before, and he nearly killed Leeloo climbing over her to smell it. (Tino was in his little crate in the back, and couldn't see it, thank God. It would have been a disaster.) Also a first: elevators. Matty doesn't care, Tino is not really a big fan, but he's alright and Leeloo refuses to go on them after the first time. We've been taking the stairs. It's easier.

Rob's job requested he stay overnight in NYC to work late on a project. His answer (and part of the reason he is the best husband I could have possibly asked for): not without my wife and my dogs.

But now? I'm so sick! I woke up with a migraine and it's making me miserable. And I want to go! :(