Pregnant Man

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I really can't wait to see what the LGBT-hating part of our society has to say about this. It's going to be a collective right-wing head explosion.


We are in negotiations about the loft. I'm pretty nervous. I don't feel good.

Stu! and I were driving around bored and I was all "Hey, why don't we drive to Manhattan for dinner?" but then I was so fretty about the loft negotiations, and the traffic was so bad, we ended up in Hoboken. New Jersey. oops.


I feel like I have nothing else newsworthy to say. Between negotiations on condos and fussing about negotiations on condos, I'm flighty. So here. Watch this. You've seen it before, I'm sure, at least, I hope to God you have, because it's awesome. On the off chance you've missed this one, here. You're welcome. Your life is now a little richer.

P.S. At my next party, I'm putting on the Backstreet Boys, and I'm totally going to bust out my new dance: "The Snowball". I will expect everyone in attendance to join... squawking included. AAAAAAAAAAWTK!