In A Big Brown Bag Inside A Zoo

We're not getting the 709 square foot apartment. The building has a SWIMMING POOL, but we just can't imagine living in such tight quarters, especially after a lifestyle of having a living room AND a den for watching TV. I never really want to live without a den, because I hate how central watching TV becomes to you when the boob tube is in a central location. Better to have a kitchen/living room combo and then somewhere, tucked away, a nice cozy room for sitting down INTENTIONALLY to watch TV.

I think I'll be glad I'm sticking to my guns.

We cleaned out Rob's childhood savings accounts this weekend and consolidated them to our main bank (his mother had to come because he was listed as a minor on all of them... one was opened when he was a few weeks old.)

I don't care what kind of financial situation I'm in when we have kids... they're getting savings accounts opened for them, so that, when they're 26, they can reap the benefits of two and a half decades of interest.

New shoes!

(Just kidding. We're being financially responsible... BO-ORING!)