Book Review: Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style

I was sent an advanced readers copy of Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style by Christie Matheson, and asked to write up a review on my blog. It's available for purchase now.

The goal of the book is to show that "going green" does not have to hamper your glamorous lifestyle (that is, should you have one. If you don't, this book will glam AND green you!)

I figured a book with the name "Green Chic" would be fluffy ("you should, like, totally recycle!") and without much good, substantial information, or worse, information and tips that only seem green, but are actually just as bad or even more harmful to the environment than the conventional methods. (There's a lot of that going around, but that's a whole other topic).

This book is green through and through, however; it's full of practical, painless advice. She DOES recommend you make a "cute recycling set up" which I rolled my eyes at (I was waiting for suggestions on bad-for-the-environment plastic containers), until she suggested using chalkboard bins made from re-purposed wood, which is a killer idea I plan on doing myself. Christie also does a really good job of drawing the line between a green action and it's health benefits to you personally (for example, burning soy-based candles with lead-free wicks means there are no toxins being spewed into the air in your home). This fundamental principle of "going green" is what will help the global warming deniers (which, btw, blow my mind) see the light.

My favorite part about the book are all of the websites. Nothing is suggested without a great website right there to back up (the re-purposed wood bins can be found at ). I found myself reading with my laptop close at hand, and I've been discovering fabulous new websites for shopping green ever since I picked up this book.

I highly recommend grabbing a copy. You will be enlightened.

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*I received no compensation from this recommendation, nor do I benefit in any way, shape or form for speaking favorably about this book. (Except of course that, if you read it, my planet might be a little cleaner!)