Some Crush You Have

I'm not affiliated with any political party, because I'm very un-comfy calling myself a Democrat these days, and my skin would break out in hives if I had to utter the words, "I'm a Republican".

I don't think it matters too much anyway. I think Bush sucks balls, along with nearly 70% of Americans, but I still wouldn't call myself a Democrat.

One thing I am wildly passionate about, though, is women voting, no matter what side of the fence they stand on. Amendment 19 was not easily gained. It took DECADES, from 1878 (when it was first introduced to Congress) until 1920 (when it was finally passed), and in those decades, women were thrown in jail, tried as criminals, and treated as outcasts, all in the name of trying to be equal citizens. They were shunned by their husbands and sometimes physically abused as they protested. We finally got the right to vote, and I'm insulted that there are women today who "just don't find the time" to exercise it.

Guess who was one of those "slacker women"? The Obama girl. If you missed this YouTube hit, she became an internet celebrity pretty quickly with her gyrating and sighing over Obama in a cheesy pop-style song. I kind of rolled my eyes at it all (and was super annoyed that her song kept getting stuck in my head), but hey, whatever. At least she was getting involved (with her boo-tay.) Then Super Tuesday came around, and she was "too sick" to get her ass from NYC to New Jersey (where she lives) and cast her ballot.

People, THIS IS NOT HARD. You vote. Always. No exceptions. If there is any reason at all that you will be out of town, or sick, you obtain an absentee ballot. I don't get it.

Amber Lee Ettinger, you are a disgrace to our generation.

The NY Times covered it here.